These articles include useful information regarding D2L and any questions that you may have with its functions and usage. Including a link, in the first article, about how to get real-time status updates on all of D2L services including Brightspace, customer support and integrations.

If the Articles below do not resolve your issue and you require further technical assistance, please contact the Trident Tech Helpdesk by submitting a ticket or calling us at 843-574-6801

Articles (3)

D2L/Brightspace Training Tutorials and Resources

This article includes a brief D2L orientation for students and includes other useful information regarding D2L and its functions and usage.

Third-Party Textbook Publisher Resources/Support

Links to the support sites for Third-Party textbook vendors that you may use in your classes.

Video Software Help (Bongo & Yuja)

Links to the Bongo and Yuja video software knowledgebases that are used in D2L