Student IT Assistance (Submitting a Ticket)

If you are experiencing technical issues and require assistance, please submit a ticket for an IT technician to contact you during operational hours. Please see our operational hours on the  "IT Service Center" page.

If you are trying to get assistance after hours or on weekends, please try our Knowledge Base articles to see if they can assist you.


1) You must log in using your TTC student account! Enter your TTC email address and password.
Your TTC email address is your (Ex. 
If you can't login please see below how to submit your issue using an email.

2) Click on the blue "Submit a Ticket (Form)" button on this page... 

3) Please fill out the form.
Tell us about the issue you are experiencing and please provide us with as many details as possible.

Do not put sensitive information into a ticket or email (ex. SSN, FERPA protected information, credit card numbers, etc.)!

If you have issues logging in or submitting a ticket, then send an email using the following methods.

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Please scan the QR code (above) to email the Trident Technical College Helpdesk or click the link and provide us with the following...

  1. Your Full Name*
  2. Home Address on record*
  3. Phone Number (That we can call you back at...)
  4. Date of Birth*
  5. Student ID # (if you know it)
  6. Email Address (An email that you have access to...)
  7. A description of the issue that you are experiencing

*All identifying information must match our records for purposes of resetting passwords or MFA

By submitting an Email, a ticket will be created on your behalf and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible regarding your issue.
If we need more information and do not receive a response, the ticket will be closed after 5 business days.

  Please be aware that we do not offer hands-on support for personal devices either in-person or remotely.  

Submit a Ticket (Form)


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