TTC Student Login Help

Please be aware that if you are currently logged into an outlook account online, you may have to complete the following steps in an incognito window. If you need instructions on opening an incognito window, please click How to Open an Incognito Window.

1. In your Web Browser go to

2. Enter your TTC email that was included in your acceptance letter, this is usually However, If you have a more common name there may be a string of numbers at the end of your username/email. (ex.

3. Enter your password. The default Password is Aa######$ (replace the #s with the last 6 digits of your SSN)

4. Update your password. Your current password will be the default password Aa######$
The New password is a password that you create with the following requirements

  • At least 8 characters in length
  • Has at least 1 upper case character
  • Has at least 1 number
  • Has at least 1 special character

5. On the following "More information required" screen, click "next"

6. When prompted, set up your Multifactor Authentication method (You only need to set up one method, using the Authenticator app is our preferred method but you may set yours as a Call or Text Message) then select “Done” on the bottom Right-hand side of the screen. If you need instructions please see our Multifactor Authentication Setup Article.

7. Now that your authentication method is set up, navigate to in your web browser.
    Log in with your TTC email address and the new password that you created in step 4.

Note: If you are a Workforce Training student, you will need to log in with the following Continuing Education D2L Course Login Page  (Disregard Step 8)

8. Once you select “Log on” you will be redirected to the Student Portal Home Page where you can access D2L and Navigate.


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