FAQ: Why is my course no longer showing up in D2L?

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Why is my course no longer showing up in D2L?

All courses in D2L are typically available seven days before the start of the semester. You should log in on the first day of class and check for any assignments and required activities that are due during the first week to meet participation requirements.

All your courses will have activities you must complete to avoid being listed as never attended. Each class is unique and individual instructors can have different requirements for demonstrating participation during the first week. Logging into the course is usually not enough.

You must complete these assignments within the enrollment verification period to be allowed to continue the course. This is a federal requirement TTC must follow and indicates your intent to continue in the course. 

So, if you have not completed the required activities within the first week of the course, you have most likely been reported as never attended and have been removed from the course. If you feel this was done in error, it is recommended that you contact your instructor to resolve this issue. 


If you need assistance, Submit a Ticket or email us at helpdesk@tridenttech.edu,  Please refer to the instructions on our IT Assistance (Submitting a Ticket) page for instructions on what information we need in your email or ticket to best assist you.
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