Outlook Office 365 (Trident Technical College Email)

The college uses Outlook Office 365 (also known as Outlook on the Web), which offers most of the functionality of the Outlook desktop application with the convenience of being able to access email anywhere with an available internet connection. It offers a much more intuitive and easier to read interface than previous email clients.

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Articles (4)

Setting up Outlook on your Mobile Device (iPhone and Android)

Are you looking for a way to get access to your TTC emails on your mobile device. This article contains information on how to setup the Outlook Mobile app on your iOS or Android device.

Signing in to Outlook Office 365

Not sure how to sign into Outlook?

Outlook Training Tutorials and Resources

Links to Microsoft's online training tutorials and resources for Outlook.

How to Identify a Suspicious Email (Phishing)

This article explains how to identify what to do with and how to identify a suspicious/malicious email, otherwise known as a phishing attempt.